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SEASON FINALE “Characters U Find, In Any Music Studio”/ Fli Pelican Commercial

November 2, 2009

Every Studio I’ve Ever Been To, I See These “Characters” I Was Inspired To Do This Skit After Watching This Popular You Tube Video.  All Music In This Skit Produced By J.O.N, Except The “Peeping Tom Track” (Produced By Dclax & I)If U Guys Have Any More “Studio Characters” You Wanna See Next Season Hit Us Up @

THANKS FOR ROCKING WITH US ALL SEASON! The “Get on Tha Jon” Series Will Resume @ THE TOP OF THE YEAR! Until Then We’ll Still Be Posting Vids, & Studio Sessions. So SUBSCRIBE, (Top Right Corner) So You’ll Be In The Know! Peace!

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Get On Tha Jon”The Marta Bus Accident”/Bree D’val Mash Up

October 26, 2009

On The Way To An A&R Meeting @ Warner Music, When All Of A Sudden, Me & Craig Get Hit By A Marta Bus….No Seriously

Also Stay Tuned For The Bree D’val Mashup Record Produced By Me & Sham

SEASON FINALE NEXT MONDAY @ 9AM!!!! If u liked The “Throw It In Th Bag” Spoof, your gonna LOVE next weeks episode!!!!

Bree D’val aka Lebron James….

September 14, 2009

Shout Out To Dinero Jones, For Showing So Much Love!

Get On Tha Jon “Jelly” (The Making Of “Jelly” Song & Beat)

May 4, 2009

Frustrated by writer’s block, J.O.N takes a break from making music to enjoy a PB&J sandwhich, with his brother Craiggy. Little did he know that, the grape “Jelly” would inspire another hit!

Me & my brother  Craig had so much fun, shooting this film! Shout out to everyone, who made time, to cameo in this episode. Make sure you leave a comment & subscribe!

Its Been A Minute…

April 28, 2009



Me & Craiggy

What up world, I know its been a while, but alot has been going on!

Just to get you up to speed, I’ve been in the studio working like a fool, with Bree. Had a dope session with Sham, for Rock City. Been working on a few things for Muffy & Bangladesh,VerseKevin Shine & Esh. Got an opportuntiy to attend an exclusive Moma’s Mustache listening session  (The Album’s Gonna Be Crazy!). Been spending time with, & getting inspired by the homies JDX, Maestro & Soundz. And got sessions on deck with Nate Walka, Galaxy, Muffy, and more. Right about now, me and Craiggy (aka Boshangles) are working on the new “Get On Tha Jon” Webisode, which is gonna be ridiculous! Its been crazy, but I’m really geeked, cause things are moving. Plus I’ve been meeting & linking up with really good people, so thats always something to be excited about.

The new episode will premier this Monday @ 12 noon, & features some of your favorite artist, writers & producers. So don’t be a square, “Get On Tha Jon” this monday! I’ve been shooting so much, that I’m gonna post some random footage too, so be looking for that in a day or so as well. …..Digg That!

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