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A Look Back…. The Making Of HeartBreaka

July 22, 2011

Since we haven’t put new vids up in a while, wanted to feature a few of my favorite, most memorable vid’s thus far.(The new stuff is coming!!!) So here’s the first one, which was actually Craig & I’s first video we did together back in 2008. Its so ruff, we didn’t really know what we were doing, but we had a great time doing it, lol. I just wanted to come up w/a creative way to get my music out there, & show people what all I do (singing/songwriting/producing).Thats the whole reason for!


My ASCAP “On The Come Up” Interview

July 22, 2011


I can’t thank Joncier & everybody @ ASCAP for interviewing me for their monthly “On The Come Up” feature. Really appreciate it, means alot guys. Click here for the full interview.




Bree D’val aka Lebron James….

September 14, 2009

Shout Out To Dinero Jones, For Showing So Much Love!


August 17, 2009

THEINTROGIFI Don’t Know Where Ya’ll Gonna Be This Saturday, But I’m Gonna Be The The Fli Pelican Event! Come Out & Try To Win, In The Z-Shock Giveaway! For More Info & Tickets, Hit Up The Guys

Get On Tha Jon “The CD Player”

June 22, 2009

In The Studio Writing To a Record With Nate Walka & Amy Jay, That D.Clax & I Produced, When Outta Nowhere Amy Jay Pulls Out An Artifact From The 1990’s…

Its Been A Minute…

April 28, 2009



Me & Craiggy

What up world, I know its been a while, but alot has been going on!

Just to get you up to speed, I’ve been in the studio working like a fool, with Bree. Had a dope session with Sham, for Rock City. Been working on a few things for Muffy & Bangladesh,VerseKevin Shine & Esh. Got an opportuntiy to attend an exclusive Moma’s Mustache listening session  (The Album’s Gonna Be Crazy!). Been spending time with, & getting inspired by the homies JDX, Maestro & Soundz. And got sessions on deck with Nate Walka, Galaxy, Muffy, and more. Right about now, me and Craiggy (aka Boshangles) are working on the new “Get On Tha Jon” Webisode, which is gonna be ridiculous! Its been crazy, but I’m really geeked, cause things are moving. Plus I’ve been meeting & linking up with really good people, so thats always something to be excited about.

The new episode will premier this Monday @ 12 noon, & features some of your favorite artist, writers & producers. So don’t be a square, “Get On Tha Jon” this monday! I’ve been shooting so much, that I’m gonna post some random footage too, so be looking for that in a day or so as well. …..Digg That!

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Shout Out To “School Of Ill!!!!!!!!”

March 2, 2009


J.O.N & Jay (Creator/Editor Of School Of Ill)

J.O.N & Jay Manning (Creator/Editor Of "School Of")

A  Big Shout To “School Of Ill”  for doing a write up on me. I really appreciate the whole staff over there. Thanks SOOOO much for the love. Its just something special about people, who mess with you, while you on the come up, before u blow!  Check out the write up here, and definitely check out  “School Of Ill”  everyday for the latest and greatest in music and entertainment news. Thanks Again Guys.


Me And Muffy Clownin Around In The Studio

January 13, 2009

Me and The Muffster Messing Around While I’m Making a Track at the Studio With Bangladesh.


December 30, 2008

What Up World, As Promised, Here’s My Homegirl Muffy, and her New Video “Gone Hate”. Produced By Bangladesh. There’s Also A Cameo Of  This Really Fly  Dude, With A High-Top Fade, Go Figure?


We Were Actually In The Studio Working All Day Friday, On Something Really Stupid, So I’ll Keep You Posted On That!

I’ll Holla!

Curbing My Enthusiasm

December 13, 2008

Wow where does the time go? It seems like the year just began? Now the holiday season is upon us, and the industry is on hiatus until next year. So you know what that means…If hadn’t got your check yet (from that invoice you sent whatever label you did work for),  then your not gonna get it till ’09. (If you get it then. lol) 

This very moment is the first time, I’ve had time, to actually sit down and reflect over the past year. I know we all made goals this time last year for this year. I really just had two big goals for ’08. One I met, and one i didn’t…..

The first goal, or “resolution” I made was to leave Tennessee, all my family,friends, to make the move to Atlanta. I had actually been planning the move before the ’08 New Year, I had been plotting my escape, since about June, of last year. I planned on moving when my lease was up. Through lots of planning, and praying, and help. the move went down, I jumped on I-24 (which turns into 75north), and  followed the north star to freedom. 

The second goal was to have something placed (production wise), on a major record release. This has actually been my New Year’s resolution since FOREVER. This time last year, it really seemed realistic, you know? I had no doubts that I would be “in like flinn”. So like every year, I busted my tail, writing, and working on new songs, networking like CRAZY, staying in contact with the connects that I already had. Emailing song after song, track after track. Before the move I was driving to Atlanta, three or four times a month! If there was an event going down in the A, that I though I could get some networking done, I was there. A couple of times I had meetings set up, so I would drive to Atlanta just for my meeting, and drive back to Nashville. Just a constant grind, my theory is you get, what you put in, 100 percent or nothing. So I never even though twice about it, this was all before the move. 

When I got here, aw man it was O.V, (that means “over”) I was, all over the city, meeting new people, shaking hands, making friends, kissing babies, getting my Obama on. As soon as I got here things staring poppin’ off, I linked up with my manager, I stared working with Bangladesh, on some stuff. So you know what I’m thinking right, this might be the year! So in August, I made the goal to get something cut for the fourth quarter.  It looked real promising, but when October came around I had to start  “curbing my enthusiasm”  bit. I had to realize that now I need to start focusing on working for ’09.  I can honestly say I’m cool with that too. I’m not down or bummed out, its been a great year. I’ve never, ever, ever been as close to meeting my goals, and making all my dreams come true, as I am now. So its just a matter of time before things start get even crazier. In the mean time, I’m gonna keep pushing myself to work harder, at becoming a great songwriter & producer. So with all that being said, ’09 is THE year! You read it here first.

Also, for those who care, I just read that “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (One of My Favorite Shows Ever) started production for the seventh season, in December. I don’t know about you, but that really made my day. Its 6:38am, I’m outty!