If your interested in getting some production from me, or want me to check out your music, or want to just chop it up, Hit Me On The “Gansta Mail”…… holleratjon@gmail.com

Or On AiM: onthajon27


6 Responses to “HiT ME UP……”

  1. Steve Poetry Says:

    How you doing J.O.N.
    You got a real fresh style man
    please check out a couple of my beats on my myspace page, would appreciate a lot
    I don’t have very good equipment yet but it’ll come

    your page looks good

    please keep in touch

  2. Kalizion Says:

    Whats good J.O.N. I checked out the Heartbreaker joint and thats whats up keep doing your thing,


  3. Mylah Says:

    I finally came over to your page….late as always. Cool set up 🙂 I say I’m gonna do more vid blogging, but er um uhhhh, yeah. Anyway, keep up the cool work.

  4. J.BAkER Says:

    Yo…Im on my way to ATL as soon as I leave this message, I want to do what we do…chop it up and check you out! Hit me up…I got nothing but the road ahead…Im there until around the 21st…so, holla back…


  5. G Says:

    Yea you boy been blogging……..yall (you & craig) wild with the videos man. ten mins later & im still laughing. Tell the fam. I said “what’s up”. Everthing in the ville is on the up & up….J.O.N. I will get @ you.

    I’m out,

  6. G Says:


    …..Dang, man the world ain’t ready for ya music mannn!!!!! Wht’s good??? We got to get up ASAP. It sounds like you done did it again…..pass me tha rubbas, lol…NiCe! Tryin to stay up in the ville. Get at me


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